Pure and Sure Puppy Shampoo



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Pure and Sure Puppy Shampoo will help you keep your new puppy clean with an extra-gentle, soothing, tear-free bath. This shampoo was carefully designed to clean without stripping the beneficial natural oils in your puppy’s coat.

Bathe your puppy as often as you like without worrying about drying out the skin, itching, or flaking.


  • All-Natural Botanical Blend with Milk and Honey
  • Contains milk to gently cleans a puppy’s delicate skin
  • Oatmeal is nature’s perfect moisturizer for skin and coat
  • Extra-gentle, Soothing, Tear-Free
  • No Parabens or Phosphates
  • PH Balanced for Dogs
  • 12 oz Bottle
  • Made in USA


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