Sniffany & Company


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This is the Sniffany & Company collection of products, all Parody items on famous jewelry store and there iconic blue box.

One of the most popular is the the Sniffany & Company dog bed.  This bed is a plush blue recreation of the iconic gift box, including embroidered Sniffany & Company name embroidered on the bed, and has a plush white gift bow. This pillow styled dog bed has a poly-filled interior cushion, providing a soft and plush bed for a good sleep.

In this collection we have several plush Sniffany dog toys.  The Champagne bottle dog toy or maybe a Latte styled toy.  We even have some Gift Boxes, a tiny version of the Sniffany & Company dog bed.

And for the furry fashionista, we even have a dog toy designed in a chic handbag.