Which is the Right Lickimat?



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The Classic Textures

Playdate™ has discrete pockets that will contain food. Liquids are easier to manage and keep food & treats separate.

Buddy™ has a more complex surface. It still allows for separation of favorite soft foods and treats.

Soother™ is exactly what the name says. It allows soft and liquid foods to be licked out with extra tongue simulation.

Which is the best Lickimat for my pet?

Classic Slomo Splash Tuff Wobble

Reduces Anxiety

Slow Feeder

Mat Style

Bowl Style

Strong Chewers

Sticks to Surfaces

Dual Texture

Freezer Safe

Microwave Friendly

Dishwasher Safe

Handwash Only

LickiMat®'s are the authentic Boredom Buster for Dogs and Cats. Designed as tasty boredom busters for your cat or dog by spreading your pet's favorite soft treat over the surface, you create a tasty fun game with them having sought out every morsel with their tongue. Its raised bumpy design is perfect for runny treats like yogurt or gravy.

Feeding on a Lickimat helps with slowing feeding time. Placing foods on the textured mat make it take longer for your pet to get the food off the mat. And in the summer, freezing treats creates a refreshing longer-lasting treat, full of entertainment.


Perfect for pet treats, yogurt, peanut butter, spreads, raw food, liquid food, pet food. A fun alternative to a standard bowl. Multipurpose and available in a variety of colors.