Bob-A-Lot Treat Dispenser



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Bob-A-Lot is a treat dispenser that satisfies natural foraging instincts for on-going mental enrichment. Keeps pets mentally and physically engaged and helps prevent anxiety or destructive behaviors.

Dual chambers dispense treats and kibble.  Adjustable openings to customize difficulty in releasing treats as your dog paws, nudges, and chases.  Easy to fill, easy to clean


  • Interactive Treat Puzzle Toy
  • Easy to fill, easy to clean
  • Dispenses food &  treats
  • Dual Dispense Chambers
  • Adjustable Difficulty
  • Mentally-stimulating
  • Helps to fight boredom
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable


  • Small - 6.5”x 4.5”x 4.5”
  • Large - 9.5”x 6”x 6”


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