True Blue Pet Uses Natural Ingredients

True Blue Products

True Blue is dedicated to combining Nature and Science to develop products that make our best friends as happy and healthy as they deserve to be!

Our products feature the purest botanical ingredients and fresh natural scents in formulas that deliver real results. Easy-to-use yet super-effective pet care solutions that promote optimal pet health.

Regular use of TrueBlue products can help guard against some of the most common ailments of the skin, teeth, and ears.

We believe that Wellness starts with preventative health maintenance

Regular use of All-Natural TrueBlue products can help guard against some of the common ailments of the skin, teeth, and ears. This means not only healthier, happier pets, but fewer costly Vet visits as well.

Preventing Ear Infections

Ear infections are the #1 cause of visits to the Vet, yet they’re mostly preventable with proper care. Our Super Easy Ear Wipes are simple to use and safely clean away dirt, wax, and debris which can lead to infections. Clean ears are healthy ears!

Improving Dental Health

Pets need regular dental care in between professional cleanings just like we do. And fresh breath is just the start! Regular dental care promotes healthy gums and can reduce infections that lead to tooth decay – and can even lead to more serious health problems. Vets agree that friction, like when using our Fast and Fresh Dental Swipes, is vital for plaque removal—and is not provided by water additives or spray-on products.

Eliminating Tear Stains

Eliminating stubborn and unsightly tear stains can be a real challenge. Now pet lovers don’t have to resort to food additives laden with antibiotics. Our Safe and Sure Eye Wipes use a special all-natural cleaning solution that’s safe and gentle, yet extremely effective.

Maintaining Healthy Skin & Coat

Skin irritation, itching, and hot spots affect many of our canine companions. True Blue’s grooming products are All-Natural Cleansers and Conditioners that are specifically designed to clean well without stripping away the natural oils in a dog’s skin. That’s important because conventional shampoos can strip away oil, and that can be one of the causes of dryness and skin problems.


Wipes can be used everyday, for quick clean ups and wiping paws, without drying out pets skin. Gently conditions, cleans and deodorizes.

Even the cleanest cats can use a little help staying fresh and clean. This wipe is just for them. Features Milk and Honeysuckle to be gentle on the skin.

Pupplies are adorable and sweet, but they can get messy. This wipe is extra-gentle on their delicate soft skin. Features Chamomile and Honeysuckle.

Our Dental Wipes are as effective as a tooth brush, but much, much easier to use. All-natural cleaning solution with baking soda, peppermint, and parsley.

These textured pad work hard to help remove dirt and get rid of tear stains without anti-biotics. All-natural with Cucumber and Chamomile.

Ear infections are the #1 cause of visit to the vet. Keep ears clean and healthy with all-natural cleaning solution, with Lemon and Marigold, and textured pad.