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We often get comments about dog strollers as some see it as a luxury item for a pampered pet,  In fact there are many practical and functional reasons to have one for a small or large dog.

If you are a small dog, you have probably found yourself carrying them, at least part of the walk.  Especially if you go on a long walk for your own exercise.  A jogging stroller is perfect for this situation.  When they get tired, you can put them in the stroller for a rest period, while you continue to exercise.  Some strollers have underneath storage, great for storing extra water, bags and treats, as well as a cup holder for your own water.  A perfect example of this is the PetGear No Zip stroller.

Dog strollers are not just for small dogs.  Medium and large dogs benefit too, especially those who are getting older and don't get around as comfortably anymore.  They still LOVE walks and being outside in the fresh air.  Helping them with a little support benefits them.  They can travel in style and comfort, while still enjoying the fresh air.