Collars & Dog Harnesses

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Dogs naturally enjoy the outdoors, so its no surprise they excitement when grab their leash!

Walking should be fun exercise for you and your dog, but let’s stay. A dog collar and ID tag are essential, anytime they are outdoors. A proper ID tag helps your dog be easily identifiable if they get lost.

In addition to a collar, a well-fitting dog harness is a must for walking your dog. They are safer and more comfortable for your dog than a collar. A dog pulling on a collar or the owner pulling back, can bruise and injure their trachea. We have many styles in a wide assortment of fabrics and designs. We also have a selection of Harness Wear for small dogs, which is dog apparel with a build-in-harness.

Let’s not forget a good quality dog leash. A dog’s lead plays a vital role in ensuring your dog’s safety. You should always be in control of your dog, for them as well as your own piece of mind. We all love our dogs and newer information available today helps them live happier and longer lives with our families.