Safari® Complete Cat Brush



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This all-in-one brush combines the design of a soft slicker brush with a traditional bristle brush to provide a healthy, shiny coat. It easily removes tough mats and tangles, while also removing excess hair and reducing shedding.

When used regularly, the brush reduces hairballs as well. Whether your cat has short or long hair, this brush ensures effective grooming. Your cat's coat will have a luxuriously soft and silky feel after grooming because the brush helps to evenly distribute natural oils.

For top results, brush in the direction of hair growth from head to tail and then down the legs. Add this brush to your cat's grooming routine for a healthy, beautiful coat!


    • Gently removes stubborn tangles and mats
    • Leaves Coat Shiny & Healthy
    • Helps Reduce Shedding
    • Creates a soft & shiny appearance
    • Evenly distributes natural oils
    • Improves Health by reducing hairballs
    • Comfort grip handle for ease of use
    • Ideal for everyday use


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