Greenies Pill Pockets for Capsule Pills 7.9 oz, Peanut Butter



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Greenies™ Pill Pockets™ helps makes it easy to give your dog medications.  Simpler than hiding medicine in human foods, simple as Fill, Pinch, Feed.  Best of all they are low calorie. 

Easy-to-use pouches mask the smell and taste of medicine and deliver a delicious chicken flavor your dog will love.  Treats take the stress and mess out of administering capsules or liquid medication to your dog.


  • Masks smell & Taste of Medication
  • Peanut Butter Flavor
  • Low Calorie
  • Simple to Use
  • 30 Treat Pockets
  • 7.9 oz

How to Use

Fill - Hold PILL POCKETS™ Treat with your thumb and forefinger; insert medicine.
Pinch - Using the same hand to hold the PILL POCKETS™ Treat, squeeze the top half closed.
Feed - The PILL POCKETS™ Treat is now sealed, and you can feed it to your dog.


Ships within 24 hours.