Cleaner and Better Smelling Dog Home

Reduce Pet Hair & Germs to a Better Smelling Home for You and Your Family.

Do you vacuum and a day or two later wonder how you got all this pet hair on the floors again? When you sit down in the livingroom, after a long day, is your couch full of pet hair? Does your home sometimes smell like a little like a kennel?

We love our pets and want them to enjoy their home too, but enough. We have a few tips to reduce pet hair around your home, clean germs off bedding and toys, and generally improve the overall smell of our Paw homes.

Regular Brushing

The number one thing to reduce pet hair, in your home, is routine brushing. Brushing removes loose hair, promotes bonding as well as providing a massage experience and relaxing for your pet. It greatly reduces the amount of hair that will eventually get on your furniture, rugs, floors and clothing. A rubber style dog brush works great. The brush by Kong works well and doubles as a bath time tool.

Regular Bathing

Regular bathing removed dirt, oils, bacteria, dander, allergens and odors. Removing these things from your dog, is not only healthy for them, but reduces these things being carried through your home. The frequency of bathing depends on your dog. You can read more about Bathing here .

Don’t forget to clean the collar! What is a clean, well-groomed dog without a fresh clean collar? A few drops of pet shampoo in a bowl of warm water, soak for 10 minutes, then gently rub with fingers and rinse. Hang to dry. Done! Some collars can be machined washed, if you are not sure, this method works perfectly.

Pet Entry Rugs

A good entry rug, from the yard, is a priceless investment. A good pet rug soaks up water, dirt and mud off the paws. There are low profile rugs and high plush styles made from microfiber materials. A quality rug can be washed frequently and looks great for many years to come.

We decided on the “Soggy Doggy” runner because of it soft high plush and paw design. In addition to water, dirt and mud, the high plush caught snow stuck on paws during the winter. We have had it three years, wash it once a month and it still looks new!

Dog Throw Blankets / Lint Rollers

Find an old sheet, towel or “no sew” blankets from your local fabric store. Throw them on our sofa, chair or wherever your dog loves to lay. We like the “no sew” blankets, because you can get them in an array of colors and patterns matching our décor.

When you clean, throw covers in wash and use the lint roller to pick up any extra fur.

A Good Vacuum

This is a topic of great discussion and Consumer Reports is continually evaluating Pet Friendly Vacuums. We have the Dyson Ball Animal (Upright) and the Dyson V6 Animal (Stick). We like the stick around our office and we will say the Stick is great for picking up those little furry tumbleweeds, especially handy around our office furniture, that end up in tiny corners. Its light and handy for quick fur maintenance.

Wash Pet Bedding

Gather all blankets, pillows and bed covers. Use natural, pet friendly laundry soap and wash on a high heat setting.

If your pet has been slobbering, vomiting and gotten any other organic matter on bedding, you can add “Natural Miracle Laundry Boost” to your laundry load. This is available online and in some big chain pet stores.

Dry the bedding in the dryer, on high heat, and DO NOT use dryer sheets or fabric softener unless it is “Pet Safe”. The common dryer sheets are TOXIC to pets, so for the safety of your furry one, please read the labels.

WARNING: Common dryer sheets are TOXIC to pets, so for the safety of your furry one, please read the labels

Cleaning Pets Toys

Finally, cleaning the dog toys in the final touch. We have written about this topic, with specifics on cleaning soft plush toys as well as hard plastic type toys. You can learn more here.